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Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use ("TOU") govern your access and use of CEEM's services (the "Services").

By using the Services, you agree to be bound by these TOU.


Please note:

  • This is a long document, but it's important to understand your rights and responsibilities.

  • We plan to simplify these terms in the future.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us at [email address removed].


1. Accepting the Terms


These TOU apply to your use of CEEM's services, which may include office space, internet access, and other resources. We may update these TOU at any time and will try to notify you within 30 days.


2. What We Offer


CEEM may provide you with various services, including office space, internet access, equipment, conference rooms, and more. These services are always subject to these TOU.


3. Proper Use


You agree to use the Services lawfully and appropriately. This means:

  • Not using them for illegal activities.

  • Not interfering with the functionality of CEEM's systems or other users' enjoyment of the Services.

  • Not trying to access unauthorized accounts or information.


4. Specific Usage Rules


When using the Services, you agree to not:

  • Use them for spam or unsolicited messages.

  • Harass, defame, or abuse others.

  • Share inappropriate or illegal content.

  • Violate intellectual property rights.

  • Spread viruses or malware.

  • Download illegal content.

  • Restrict others from using the Services.

  • Violate any CEEM guidelines or applicable laws.

  • Create a false identity.


5. CEEM's Rights


CEEM reserves the right to:

  • Disclose information about your use of the Services if required by law.

  • Remove any content that violates these TOU.


6. Confidentiality


During your use of the Services, you may be exposed to confidential information about CEEM or other users. You agree to:

  • Keep this information confidential.

  • Not share it with anyone unauthorized.

  • Not use it to harm CEEM or others.


7. Your Participation


You acknowledge that you use the Services at your own risk and CEEM is not liable for any issues arising from such use.


8. Termination


CEEM may terminate your access to the Services at any time, with or without notice, for violating these TOU.


9. Indemnification


You agree to indemnify CEEM for any claims, losses, or expenses arising from your misuse of the Services.


10. Severability


If any part of these TOU is found to be invalid, the remaining parts will still be enforceable.

By using CEEM's Services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these TOU and agree to be bound by them.

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