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New Members

Aubree Gordon

CEEM welcomes new business member Aubree Gordon and her new bakery, Aubree’s Cakery.

Aubree was always a creative kid, dabbling in makeup, sewing, art, and now baking. Blessed with the ability to craft amazing things with her hands, Aubree found her calling early on. As a child, Aubree was enamored with the Food Network, constantly experimenting with new recipes.

One day, Aubree stumbled upon baking and instantly fell in love.  The fusion of her two passions, art, and food, captivated her 11-year-old mind. Now, at 22 years old, Aubree runs Aubree’s Cakery full-time. Sharing her cake decorating passion on Instagram and TikTok, Aubree aspires to expand  Aubree’s Cakery into a franchise real soon. 


For now, taste her creations and support her entrepreneurial journey by visiting her brand new storefront at 12730 Foothill Blvd suite 102, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739.

Jeremy Odom

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In 2022, Jeremy founded Meta H2O Inc, a premium alkaline water company, with a groundbreaking vision to integrate the product into the metaverse and cryptocurrency exchange marketplace. His dedication to innovation and sustainability has propelled Meta H2O to the forefront of the bottled water industry. Jeremy's leadership and commitment to excellence ensure continuous improvement and expansion of Meta H2O's reach both domestically and internationally. As Meta H2O continues to grow, Odom is set to drive the company towards unprecedented success. His goal: Meta H2O for all!

As the visionary Founder and CEO of Meta H2O, Jeremy Odom is poised to transform the bottled water industry with his innovative approach and extensive experience. After establishing JO Commodities Inc. in 2009, Jeremy leveraged his expertise from founding and leading JO Commodities, where he specialized in real estate investments and international trade. Under his leadership, JO Commodities expanded its reach with significant procurement deals across various sectors, including commodities, finance, and education. Jeremy's ability to build and manage diverse investment portfolios, coupled with his strategic foresight, has solidified his reputation as a formidable force in the industry.


In May 2024, the premium water reached another goal with Meta H2O securing distribution on the West Coast starting in Las Vegas and now in Southern California.  Meta H2O is in grocery stores, restaurants, and neighborhood markets. Ask for it. Oh taste and see that Meta H2O is good!

Geraldine Tigner

Geraldine Tigner’s professional journey has led her to the pinnacles of corporate organizations, senior management roles, business consulting, and entrepreneurial pursuits. She has overseen day-to-day operations in human resources, crafting strategic organizational plans, and fostering leadership development. As an entrepreneur, she founded a human resources consulting firm catering to large and medium-sized companies, offering executive coaching, organizational effectiveness strategies, team building, and training services.

For over 20 years, Geri successfully managed promotional products and marketing distributorship, collaborating with corporate and educational clients to enhance brand recognition. Venturing into international business, she became an investor and consultant for a project in Tanzania, aimed at industrializing the country’s cashew nut sub-sector for global exportation. In 2023, Tigner established a company in Tanzania, collaborating with women artisans and crafters to produce Batik fashion accessories for sale in the United States.

Geri's company is Valued Added Products Out of Africa better known as VAPOA.


Visit to learn more.

Let’s all welcome Geri to CEEM!

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