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CEEM Members in Action: Arlan Hamilton's Your First Million Live Conference


What Our Members Are Saying...


Danita Patterson

CEO/Founder -  Destiny Unlimited. Inc
& Destiny Outreach

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"YOUR First Million" was awesome!  


Whether you are working on your first or next million, the conference was informative and empowering with guest speakers from diverse business expertise's sharing their success stories and tips.  I took copious notes, and I am implementing lessons learned.

Thank you Arlan for wealth creation strategies to build and maintain financial legacy for BIPOC women! "


Don Hannah

CEO, Don Hannah Photography

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"Arlan Hamilton’s “Your First Million LIVE 2024” event in Los Angeles was amazing to attend. It was a bountiful gathering of the entrepreneurial like-minded; sharing their motivations, experiences, and offering encouragement, direction, expertise, proven paths to funding, and that "I’ve got you. Let’s do this together spirit."

This was The money-making Mecca for a newly empowered class of breakthrough professionals. Thank you, CEEM! "


Marie Vernon

CEO, The Legacy Foundation

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"Attending Your First Million Live! event via CEEM was inspiring. As a serial entrepreneur, growing my company during COVID, I'm proud to support Black community parity. The event reinforced the significance of self-investment and impactful projects. As a result of relationships forged during this amazing event, we are expanding our women's business cohort through an alliance formed with a Parisian food coop entrepreneur. Our upcoming trip to Paris in September signifies the start of an exciting collaboration.

I extend heartfelt thanks to the new CEO, Stephanie Frederic, for her exceptional integration efforts. Under her leadership, I've had the pleasure of meeting remarkable and talented businesswomen who will undoubtedly contribute to CEEM's mission in the Inland Empire and beyond. Stephanie's dedication to fostering connections and advancing our goals is truly commendable, and I look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead."


Dr. Andrelyn Moss

Financial Wealth Strategist

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"No doubt I'm still feasting from all the info and loving all of the connections made at YFML conference. The networking alone has turbo charged my business. I kept saying Wow! Gems dropping every session, everyday. Grateful to Arlan Hamilton and CEEM. Let's go and Let's Grow!"

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Exciting News From CEEM!

When CEEM invited Venture Capitalist Arlan Hamilton to speak at our 6th Annual Meeting, we had no idea it would lead to such an incredible opportunity for our members! Arlan, author of the new book "Your First Million," surprised us by gifting CEEM members free tickets - valued at $1000 ( 2@$500 each )- to her mega financial conference, "Your First Meeting Live," held in Downtown Los Angeles.

CEEM members seized this opportunity, showing up and showing out at the event. They rubbed elbows with investors, networked with highly successful entrepreneurs, got to hear from multi-millionaires and even a few billionaires, and made powerful connections with industry movers and shakers.

Being a CEEM member comes with many privileges, including access to tools, resources, and connections from a game changer like Arlan Hamilton. As Arlan often says, "It's time for us to claim the wealth that belongs to us. We came for the cake, not the crumbs!"

Let's all eat!

Join CEEM today and be part of a community that opens doors to incredible opportunities!


Fireside Chat from our 6th Annual Meeting - Former CEO Kyle Webb and Arlan Hamiltion in a conversation about economic empowerment for our community.

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