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Tulsa, Oklahoma
Black Wall Street Event

Immersed in the profound legacy of Black Wall Street, the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma - a mecca of Black excellence and Black entrepreneurship - CEEM members experienced an emotional journey of learning, connecting, and reinforcing our belief in Cooperative Economics


Together they thrived, together they rose, together they committed to their community. Thankful beyond words for the descendants of Black Wall Street who generously shared their wisdom, stories of resilience and love.  A highlight for us - meeting 109-year-old race massacre survivor Lessie Benningfield Randle. What a joy singing Amazing Grace, her favorite song, with her.  


A special thanks to Oklahoma State Rep. Regina Goodwin - House District 73 and the Oklahoma State Legislature for honoring our visionary founder, Dr. Reggie Webb, with a proclamation shouting out CEEM and our CEO Stephanie Frederic.

We left Greenwood richer in spirit, inspired, informed, emotionally filled, and forever changed.


Our most exciting outcome from our trip to Black Wall Street - a major partnership - is coming soon. Watch for an announcement right here on

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